Blockchain wallet

Blockchain Wallet

Cryptocurrencies are very popular nowadays. Due to the growing interest of investors in blockchain, there is an increasing demand for blockchain wallets. Blockchain wallets are the software programs that allow the users to buy, sell, and track the balance of their digital assets. Blockchain wallets don’t save the cryptocurrencies as normal wallets do. They keep the records of all transactions like selling, exchanging, and buying.

Types of blockchain wallets:

  1. Software wallets – These are the software applications that you can download on any device or access online. Software wallets are further classified depending on the type of devices:
  1. Desktop – These wallets are easily downloadable on PC or laptop from where that can be accessed.
  2. Online – These wallets are accessible from any device because they are on the cloud. However, these wallets are a little unsafe as the private keys are saved online. 
  3. Mobile – These wallets are available as a mobile app; therefore, they can be accessed from anywhere. These wallets also make easy and fast fund transfer as they have the ability to scan QR codes.
  1. Hardware wallets – The private keys of such wallets are stored in Hardware wallets. These wallets are compatible with many web interfaces, and they support many cryptocurrencies.
  2. Paper wallets – The pair of keys for paper wallets are generated using a software application. 
  3. Single or multi-currency wallet – If your customers need to work with various currencies for transferring and receiving the funds, then there is no need for a separate wallet for every cryptocurrency. 

Our blockchain wallet development services allow your customers to transact from your platform. This prevents your customers from going to a different platform. A digital wallet stores public and private keys and makes your customers carry on the monetary transactions safely and securely. From digital wallets, they will be able to receive and make payments, maintain their balances, improve their investments, and use the escrow services.

Benefits of our blockchain wallet development services:

  1. Secure monetary transactions – Digital wallets are completely foolproof. It is not possible to breach the security of these wallets as each block in the blockchain has a hash, which means if one hash is changed, all the other hashes will need to be changed. This provides unparalleled security to the transactions.
  2. Quick transactions – Our highly experienced experts will ensure fast transactions between the individuals.
  3. Multi-cryptocurrency transactions – Wallet developed by our company will be able to accommodate all the digital currencies that are popular these days. You can get your wallet upgraded in the cases when new cryptocurrencies are introduced. 
  4. Fast implementation – As we are the topmost wallet development company, we have unmatched experience in our work. Our team of experts is capable of quick implementation of even the complex cryptocurrency wallets. It doesn’t matter if you are a multinational company or a start-up, we offer you cutting edge technology through our blockchain solutions. We can develop any needed software in just a little period. 
  5. Security – Though the software developed through blockchain technology is 100% secure, the addition of 2-factor authentication provides a sense of security to the users. We ensure that you receive satisfaction from the cryptocurrency wallet that we have developed for you.
  6. Cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet – We also develop a cross-platform cryptocurrency wallet for our clients so that users can access the wallet services from all the major devices, including Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, etc. so that they can use their wallets on the computer, laptops, and phones.


Why us?

We are a leading blockchain development company, focusing mainly on the development of blockchain solutions. We have years of experience, and our exposure to blockchain is for more than four years. We specialize in offering various blockchain solutions, including blockchain applications, cryptocurrency exchange platforms, ICO software platforms, cryptocurrency wallets, and trading portals. Our company aims to improve the feedback from our client base and also want to adapt to the new challenges that come in the way.